Information about the extension of the Economic Relief Plan

We are aware of the situation we are experiencing as a country and have adjusted our Economic Relief Plan.

Economic Relief Plan

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Aware of the uncertainty caused in our daily lives by the coronavirus pandemic, we are providing our customers with a Financial Relief Plan on their payments from March until June 2020. Although the situation has not returned to normal, most economic activities have restarted over the last weeks, and we encourage you to continue making your payments as stated in your contract, starting on July 2020. 

However, if your economic situation does not yet allow you to resume your payments, we provide you with the option of requesting a moratorium (for customers who have not previously benefited from the plan) or an extension of your current moratorium.


Consumer Credit Customers

If you are a customer with personal loans, auto loans, or auto leases, you should contact one of our representatives to request your moratorium or moratorium extension, by calling 787-729-8161. Your case will be evaluated to determine eligibility. The evaluation will be based mainly on the financial impact caused by the emergency. 

Mortgage Customers

For mortgages, the program extension will depend on loan type, total months overdue, your particular situation due to the emergency, and the options provided to you when your current moratorium was approved. You should contact us at 787-282-1100 to learn more about the different options available to you. 

If you do not wish to apply for the moratorium extension, or if your financial condition improves during this period, and you are willing and able to continue making your payments, we encourage you to continue doing so as usual.